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Rockville 2069 CD and Graphic Novel Launch 18 August 2012






18 August 2012 marked the calumniation of 3 years of hard work with my friend, Johnny Ray, the writer/producer of Rockville 2069. From humble beginnings of work shopping songs in his office, with a guitar and a microphone, to a fully arranged, produced, EMI represented CD!! We even have a graphic Novel.


I was a bundle of nerves as we waited for the crowds to settle into the Ballroom at Kelvin Grove Country Club in Cape Town; not knowing if I was shaking from the cold or the nerves or both. There air was pregnant with talent and expectation.   But when the first chord of “That Summer we went to Yasgur’s Farm” performed by Joseph Clark played, it was only then that I fully grasped what this evening would mean. Rockville 2069 was destined for the big stages and there I was, in for the ride.

The ballroom, which usually saw Matric Balls and Country club cotillions was fully kitted with hundreds of thousands of rands worth of lighting, sound and filming equipment. And it would soon feel the rumble of the rocking bass bins, nothing short of a scandalous rebellion. Tut tut. That’s Rock and Roll for you!


The performances were amazing. Michael Naranjo’s gravelly voice was electrifying sending chills down my spine. Andries Botha embodied the bad boy rock star of Rockville’s Johnny Rebel when he chucked the microphone on the floor when it wasn’t working. Fully Rock-star. Joseph Clark with the voice of Freddie Mercury was captivating. Noa Milan and her Janis Joplin voice was nothing short of aspirational. I performed “Look about with a Laugh and a Shout” and “I will Always Follow You” off the album. What struck me was that these songs are definitely for the stage and there was a certain electricity  that you get from performing them live that you just can’t capture in studio.

The after party was a buzz with press, champagne and sushi. Taking in the after glow, I realised that yes, the evening was over but it would not be the end of Rockville 2069. I am gonna go out on a limb here when I say that Rockville 2069 could find itself on the stages of the West End and Broadway. Now wouldn’t that be awesome?

Check out some of the reiviews

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Heartfelt 2012

Even though Heartfelt was a few months back, I still can’t forget how my 3 piece acoustic band ” Stage Coach Collision” rocked the party. Kat Farquharson on guitar and Carol Williams on Cello – and me on the egg shaker. You may laugh but that lil’ baby had its own microphone. We don’t mess around.

Special thanks to Common Ground and the Heartfelt team for allowing us to play. We really had so much fun.

xx Bronny

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A life of Music

If I speak in the languages of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13:1

My love for song started when I was just 3 years old with renditions of Mango Groove’s Special star into a hairbrush microphone. My mom was my ever-appreciating audience member ready to give the standing ovation that every budding young singer craves. As I grew older I realized the enchantment of song and entertainment. The holiday shows that my cousins and I put on brought the entire family together (as well as earned us money for ice-cream and sherbet.) Although rehearsals were a little stressful, we always had fun and we always knew what joy we would see in the eyes of our family.

It’s no wonder that my school career was filled with choir, and solos, plays and shows. A passion for music and song grew in my heart, though-out my primary school and high school careers, even more so when moving from Durban to Cape Town, swapping Ms Wendy Mattson to Ms Annette Moss as singing teachers, and growing from a girl into a women. The music burned ever brighter.

Deciding to study at AFDA after graduating from Rustenburg High school for girls, was a bold and risky decision; surely a straight A student would have better prospects than “the arts.” But my heart was captivated. Student days were not easy. Late nights, little sleep and bad eating habits were but a small price to pay for “my Art.”

Even after graduating, working with David Kramer, touring the world with Grease, recording my debut album, and singing in my church worship band there was an inexplicable passion and drive trusting me forward. Was it pushing the limits of excellence? Was it the trill of an audience? Was it for appreciation? It was all of those things but not in the way that you (or I) would expect. The reason, I discovered, goes further than human accolades and affirmation. In me burns a passion for the One who gave me every talent I possess. I sing with excellence to Glorify Him, the Author of the music in my heart. I perform for the audience of One and for the privilege that one day He will say the same of me as he did of His Son, Jesus, “This is my daughter in whom I am well pleased.”

More so I want my life to be music to His ears. I could have all the gifting in the world, but if I do not have love for my God and his people, then my life is just noise.

If I do not see the need around me, and partner with Him to heal what’s broken here on earth, then my life is a resounding din. I would like to stand at my life’s end at the foot of my creator with life fragrant with music. Not with just the song of my lips but the song of my life.

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